Sunday, December 23, 2012

 Tank wants a barbie
Nella wants a paracord knife
Tilly wants a puppy
Brogie wants a toothbrush
Kamber wants a AK-47

 Our tree was much bigger this year. we had to use all of the lights and now most of them have gone out. but WE LOVE CHRISTMAS

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gregg's Mission

We went down to Provo, Ut to hear Gregg give his "Farewell" talk in Sacrament meeting on September 9th.  We got lucky and were able to hear from Nathan too!  For the rest hymn, their family sang 
'I Love to See the Temple'.  So it was an all around good meeting!  What a great family the Allens are!
Good Luck to you Gregg!  You will do great! We will miss you and Amber for a short time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun At the Fair!!

My friend Melanie Malm and I were in charge of the Creative Arts Demonstrations again this year!  We had so many wonderful presenters again this year from flower arranging, baking, to scrapbooking and sewing!  I love learning about each of them. That is why I keep going back!  It is a long week, but well worth it!

 We were given another job this year on top of our presentations. We were asked to make a birthday tent to honor the 110th year of the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  So we made games & activities for the preschool aged kids!  I think this turned out great too!  Mel painted all the picture opps & barn and Nephi and I made the horses! (that were soooo cute)

We had visitors that we couldn't pass up getting a picture with!

We found this horse that Nella liked! It looked like it had a scar in the same place that she does. (Under her eye)  Nella and I had a great day together!  I took her on Friday.  She loved the animals the best!

 Nella really wanted to ride one of the rides, So we bought the tickets, walked around for a long time to make sure that that was the ride she really wanted, then we stood in the long line.  When it was about her turn, she decided this one might be a bit too she and I played it safe and road the carousal!  Was great!

This is a 9 year old girl that wanted to make a block in honor of her Uncle that was killed.  She made her block mostly by herself! She did a great job!  We decided to let her keep her quilt block and let her have the 1st place winner block (it was a beautiful applicaed block, but the rules wouldn't allow applicae on the donated quilt) as well as all the other donated blocks so that she could honor her Uncle, finish her quilt and hopefully enjoy and keep sewing!!
This is the block that I made
Our biggest achievement this year was a Quilt Challenge that we had.  We had who ever wanted to enter the contest, go to The Fabric Place in Blackfoot and choose from 9 different fabrics to make a
12 1/2" x12 1/2" block to be judged and put together to make a quilt and given to the Quilts of Valor.  
They give quilts to service men & women in our area. 
 We had a great turn out and made a beautiful quilt!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Takin it easy...

To tell my family that we were expecting #6 we made blue & pink cupcakes, "Pink or Blue, we'll know this spring!"  We also had them look at some pictures to see what was out of place!  there were some pairs of shoes, "one for each 6 kids." Some caught on faster than others! 
 Nella loves to pamper & dress up Kamber, so on Saturday morning, she got out the old Body Shop tubs & lotions and went to town on Kamber!  Of course she ate it up!  even down to the final coat of polish!!
The boys seemed to be left out, so they also got their feet cleaned, lotioned and even polished!  And you know what they say, "What goes around, comes around..."  Nella got to relax and had her feet done too!!

Fishing Trip

Grandma & Pa Allen took Teancum to Provo to the Timp. Story Telling Festival for the weekend, 
so we decided to go fishing!!!  But they did sounded like they had a great time! So did we!

Nella & Tiller had a moss (booger) fight :)
we only lost one fishing pole
Mighty Fisherman...

By the end of our trip, Tank & Grandma & Pa joined us!
 Don't know if you can see it... But I was the only one to catch a fish!!  Such a cute little thing!

Left at home

These are my helpers now that the other 3 are at school!  We have a lot of fun. They sleep in and I have a quiet morning, we have 2nd breakfast, play, clean, read stories or what ever we want!!!
The other day we made zucchini bread, and they were taking turns poring ingredients in the mixer...
Kamber decided to turn it on right after we had put in the flour...POOF all over the 3 of us and the kitchen. It was funny and the bread tasted good.

Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of a New Year!

August 29th, 2012

Since the kids get a 'new year' at school, I am making a 'New Years Resulution'!  I think it is ok to let that happen 2x's a year!  So, one of my goals right now are to update, and keep updated on our blog.
1st day of school, 1st post!

 This was the kids sunrise for the 1st day of school! Glad we live out here, so that we can enjoy them!

 Since the kids cant ride their bikes to school,
they get to ride them down the lane to the mailbox and wait for the bus!
Tiller was a bit behind, but he caught up fast!

This is a view by our neighbors house

 Made it to the "Bus Stop"
 Teancum is in 6th grade this year, he is at the Kirshaw Middle School.  He really likes his teacher Mr. Garner.  He teaches science & social studies.  Teancum said "he is about as tall as me, but sooo funny!"
Sounds like they will get along just fine!

Nella is in 3rd grade, her teacher is Mrs. Blair.  The neighbors said she was mean, but Nella quickly stood up for her and said "who said that? she is NOT mean!"  She enjoys her and is excited about her year at Central Elementary! And all her new clothes :) 


 Tillman was giving me a few crazy smiles, so I had to keep snapping til I got the ones that I wanted!
we called this one the Turtle Smile

That hit his funny bone!  I cant get the picts to move, this was after the turtle smile!

 This one was better!  he does have a very cute smile!  
Tillman is in Central with Nella.  He is in 1st grade and goes all day long.  He said "going a half day is better"  but he enjoys school too, and eating lunch there.  His teacher this year is Mrs. Ball.  He also likes her, and he said she said :) "when I am mad, I can become a bear" but Tiller said, "she doesn't really turn into a bear, she just said that"  I thought that was funny!
Loved the kids choice of shoes this year

The bus drives past our house at 7:00am, goes to the end of the road and turns around, then will pick up the kids at 7:05am. She has been right on the dot every day!  We thought it was hilarious how fast she went by the first time.  the kids said it reminded them of Harry Potter..."Hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride"  They like riding the bus together.

even Ruin wanted a ride. she did almost get on

Kamber was still a sleep, but Brogan woke up just in time to tell me hi when I walked back home!  Brogan will do a neighborhood preschool 1x a week with our old friends, which will be fun!  Kamber will join us too.                                 I cant believe how quiet the house is with only 2 kiddos here!                                                                                               We even played cars together & learned some colors &signs!                                                                                           Hopefully this will be a fun year for all of us!